Joseph Smith: Prophet of the Restoration

We shot this one in Provo and on location in Nauvoo. It was so much fun! Watch for yours truly around 35 minutes in.

Music Videos

I had a blast working on these music videos with my friend Wes Urbaniak

There is Love

This was our first video collaboration and we had a blast! We spent 2 days covering the floor and walls of a giant room with paper, and then we blasted each other with paint. Great times! Choreography by Heather White.

Burn it Down

Danny James, Andrew James, Fred Lee, and I headed up to Montana to film this in Wes’ backyard. He had an old beat-up piano that he couldn’t give away, so he let it sit in his yard for a year. Then he wrote a song about fire and we spent a fantastic night burning this poor, innocent piano to the ground.

One Way Ticket

Andrew, Danny and I, along with the help of my kids, filmed this in a big open area near the Kennecott copper mine. We had no idea all this cool stuff (like the tower, the wall with “I don’t hate you, I hate myself for loving you” painted on it, the graveyard of stuff that had been shot to smithereens) was even there. We just kept wandering around finding awesome stuff to shoot. This was a fantastic day.

Don’t Break Down

This one was all Wes’ brainchild and was filmed mostly on his phone. I came up with some of the word effects and helped out on set.

Goal Zero 50 Sherpa Kit

This is a commercial I shot a few years ago for a really cool product. I’m bummed they didn’t give me one – these things are awesome!