This page serves to organize information needed by players in my current D&D campaign, located in the homebrew world of Torrin.

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Religion in Torrin: A Guide to the Gods

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Current Campaign: The Noble Brotherhood of the Aumari

Character Creation

For my current adventuring team –

You’ve known the life of the Aumari for as long as you can remember. You were only a child when your circumstances brought you to grow up and serve under General Chetwick Rayne as a member of his underground army.

It’s been a life of discipline and focus, and so far it’s had more than one person’s share of both challenges and rewards. You’ve been able to hone your talents and have been expertly trained by masters in your field.

Even among the Aumari, your skillset and abilities have set you apart, and leadership has taken notice. You joined the Elites a few years ago, and now you and your fellow Elites spend your time running missions for General Rayne and his top lieutenants.

You’ve gotten word that the General has a new assignment, and your particular skill set is just what he’s looking for.

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Each player should create a 5th level character. I’d like to stay mostly with the races and classes from the core rulebooks, but if there’s something you really want to play, I’m sure it’ll be fine. I have access to all the books.

You’re all team members of the Elites, and our adventures will be the missions that you get sent on. You’ll want to read the document about the Aumari (linked above) to know more about the group you belong to.

You can play pretty much any race and class you’d like. There doesn’t have to be any specific makeup to the group. So just pick a character that would be fun to play!

Use the standard point buy for your abilities, and equipment appropriate to a 5th level character.

Other Resources

Need help creating a character? Try these questionnaires. They’ll walk you through thinking through a character and help you get started. These aren’t required, they’re just here to help generate ideas. Since everyone in this group has a shared backstory, some of the questions may not be applicable.

You meet up in a tavern…

Click here to go through my character creation questionnaire.

Maps of Torrin

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The Nation of Torrin





The Greater Brindinford area





The City of Brindinford





The Village of Goldweave